Theatrical Magic

With a touch of magic and a pinch of comedy, Laurent welcomes you into his unique world.

Through this view into his daily routine, Laurent reveals
the beginnings of his journey as a magician, uncovering and exploring the age-old questions asked by artists – what are my influences, what makes me unique, and, if they exist, how have luck or fate shaped my life?

This reflection, narrated with comedy and punctuated with magic, takes unusual twists and turns into an introspective tale where either luck or fate play… You decide


“The Belgian Harry Potter revisit the world of magic”

“Terribly fascinating… A captivating show in touch with the audience”

“A theater piece, high in colors, that shows some extraordinary magic”

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About the show:

Timing: 1h00
Audience: All ages
Audience size: 50 to 500
Language: English or French
Minimum stage size: 4mx5m
Actor: Laurent Piron
Director: Hugo Van De Plas



  • Festival “Au Bonheur Des Mômes 2014, Grand-Bornand FR
  • Festival d’Avignon 2013, 2014 FR
  • Festival des Arts du Pont d’Oye 2014, Habay, BE
  • PataTram 33 Festival 2014, Talange, FR
  • Hocus Pocus Festival 2014, Nivelles, BE
  • Merlin d’Or – Festival Magic Méribel 2013, FR
  • Centre Culturel Amay, BE
  • Illiade Centre Culturel, FR
  • Théâtre de la Touline, FR
  • Théâtre de Villeneuve-les-Maguelone, FR
  • Théâtre S. Bassaget, Mauguio, FR
  • Le Hublot – Laragne, FR
  • L’Estaminet – Magny-les-Hameaux, FRballesmain
  • Magic Weekend RMCB 2013, BE
  • Festival Magic Dream 2013, BE
  • Premières partie de Tatayet, BE
  • Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012, UK
  • Festival Maca Magie 2012, Wavre, BE
  • CC Sambreville
, BE
  • CC Welkenraedt, BE
  • Théâtre du moulin de St Denis, Obourg BE
  • Salle des Tréteaux, Visé BE
  • Théâtre Universitaire Royal, Liège, BE
  • Salle du Cercle, Aubel, BE
  • N-Zone évènements, Liège BE

Presses "13 rue du Hasard"